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V-weld equipments, offers accurate, sturdy platens for various applications in the shop floor. Platens are made from c.i having higher hardness. Total 6 standard models are available having size up to 2500mm x 1500mm. 

Platen offers horizontal true surface for set-up, assembly welding, strainghening, welding, bending and other applications. Platens are very useful for clamping jobs on it, which is directly mounted on working table of positioners
  Salient Features:
  • Multi-functional operation.
  • Heavy duty & extremely sturdy.
  • Ideal for precision work for assembly, welding, painting etc.
  • By arranging no of platens side by side, levelled & tough working base can be made.
  • Plattens can be mounted on steel or concrete sub base to offer required working platform.
  • Different types of clamps, hold down dogs, bending post, holding bolts are available
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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.


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