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Medium duty manipulators are designed to meet the majority requirements of welding industry and welding automation requirements. Backed by proven design and safety, the medium duty manipulators provides best facility for welding jobs. Suitable for maximum pay loads upto 250 kgs and any welding head namely, SAW, TIG, MIG etc can be used for welding requirements. Operator can operate all movement of manipulator from the control station, located at boom end.

The medium duty manipulator ( VMWM series) has following degree of freedom:
a. Boom horizontal travel
b. Boom vertical lift travel
c. Column base swivel
d. Fixed base manipulator or travel type manipulator base rail car.

Capacity: Maximum payload capacity ranging from 200 kgs to 300 kgs including welding head, flux feeding, flux recovery and man loads, weld controller and operator pendent etc… total load on boom tip.

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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.
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