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With the intense research & developments, v-weld always puts all efforts to make systems more innovative, effective & true solution to customers requirements. 
With the same attitude, v-weld made more reliable, trusted systems for customers.

We have made a specail purpose machine for caulking of turbine bledes. In the turbine application, the blades are to be caulked at the peripery of the turbine wheels. The operation is highly specialized & require intense designing capability. Previously, the operation was carried out manually. We have discussed the operation with our customer, had technical discussion, understand their requirement, and made this machine which gives excellent flexibility in operation & gives better result in operation.
Here, is the blades to be cauked on the wheel profile. This is a moke up piece. The machine having the indexing facility to perform the operation at any desired position. Accuracy-0.01mm. Maching having adjustment for various diameter of wheels, different thinckness of wheels having lifting mechanism. Machine had close monitoring system with centerlized controlling system for all operation. For more details, write to vequip@satyam.net.in
Automatic corrugated core panel welder. Used for welding of corrugated sheet of aluminium, stainless steel & mild steel sheets of thickness 0.9mm to 1.2mm.the system is equiped with plc controlling systems with panel mounting/holding/gripping fixture to control distrotion. For more details, write to vequip@satyam.net.in
For more details, contact us…..
* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.
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