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V-weld equipments, offers internal/flat seamer for fastest welding process on long seam welding applications. The length range of flat weld is up to 10250mm. The internal flat seamer is combine complete system with job clamping facility. 
Welding head supporting side beam & welding head with power source.
  Salient Features:
  • Internal flat welding seamer is suitable for carbon steel material, stainless steel, aluminum & other wieldable material.
  • Ideal for welding flat plates, panels, side & bottom panels of container & other flat surfaces.
  • Internal flat seamer offers considerable cost saving in welding by :
    1) Possible to set best welding parameters so welding process becomes extremely fast.
    2) Reducing distortion in welding considerably.
    3) Reduces finishing & grinding time.
    4) Close welding tolerance achieved on thin & extra thin sheets with higher welding speed.
    5) Provide sufficient back support to weld joints which reduces the burn through problem considerably.

  • Protection of rubber tyre by overload disc arrangement.
  • Specially design tie-rod arrangement to prevent axle shafting from shock loading..
  • Heavy duty gear box used to avoid gear box breakage due to shock loading. 
  • Supported on extreme members of chassis to avoid mis-alignment caused due to shop floor irregularities.
  • Control panel mounting away from machine to avoid damage due to any vibration/shocks during working.
  • D.C. variable speed /a.c constant speed as per requirement.
  • A.C. variable speed drive as an optional.
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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.
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