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V-WELD, backed by the experience and self development with passion for design and development of welding automation systems, today, V-WELD is a respected name in Heavy Engineering Industry and considered a quality original machine manufactures (OEM), where customer needs reliable and quality products with no short cuts in design, sturdiness, workmanship and manufacturing practice of machines.

V-WELD has started its journey as welding automation designer & integrator & supplied number of welding automation system & integrated various welding process heads of Lincoln, ESAB, MILLER, ADVANI for TIG, MIG, SAW, PAW and other welding applications.  V-WELD has successfully developed , supplied & integrated number of weld automation system including Welding Rotators, Welding Positioners, Welding column & Boom (Manipulators), Hard facing solutions, Wire Feeders, Weld Oscillators, Seam Tracking Devices, Arc Voltage controller, weld data logging system, Flux feeding & Recovery systems, Plasma Spraying, Cutting  solutions etc.
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automatic coal crushing & roller rebuilding system, gas cylinder welding system.
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