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Gear elevation positioners are designed to lift or lower working height of positioner when under fully loaded conditions.  
It provides flexibility for lowest working height for the welder. Power elevation features make the machine most versatile when different job diameter 
  Salient features of gear elevation positioner :-
  • Heavy duty & safe height adjustment/elevation.
  • Four leg stable construction of supporting chassis.
  • Sandwich construction of table which is light weight, offers high degree of rigidity.  Sandwich working table offers high degree of heat transfer by the way of conduction & convection. These feature increase the main bearing life & offers excellent rigidity to work table.
  • Adjustable working height of table. (this features enable the user to perform welding/cutting/grinding/etc operation at a height from ground which is convient  to operator. Operator can also accommodate different diameter of jobs & can adjust height of table accordingly, which offers excellent flexibility & serve the purpose of positioner.)
  • Self cleaning table slots with maximum clamping job diameter.
  • Big & sturdy final gears offers smooth.
  • Degree indicator & degree indicator protector to indicate tilt degree.
  • Two pinion support for medium & heavy duty models of positioner.
  • Self-locking feature provided immediate to final gear drive.
  • Mercury/copper earthing systems for medium & heavy duty models.
  • Dynamic breaking system for rotation & magnetic breaking systems for tilt motion.*
* Braking systems for rotation & tilt motion depends varies according to application , drive & requirements of positioner.
  Higher degree of controlling /programming systems can be offered as per specific requirements.
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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.
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