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V-weld equipments, offers fit-up rotators, in 7 standard models having range from 5tons to 100tons. Fit-up rotators, are ideal for fit-up in circumferential welding. Due to limitations in process of bending, their will be ovality in the circular shape of vessel. 
When joining two vessel with circumferential welding, due to ovality present at joint area, fit-up roators are used to make the axial & transverse movement of vessel axis to make the perfect weld.
  • Heavy duty & sturdy construction.
  • Vessel axis displacement, horizontally & vertically to adjust with adjacent dia of vessel.
  • Hydraulically operated system for vessel positioning on idler units.
  • D.c variable or a.c constant speed vessel rotation.
  • A..c variable speed for vessel rotation as a optional.
  • 6mtr long multi-core cable with remote pendent.
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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.
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