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V-weld equipments, offers extra heavy duty manipulators for various applications like welding, grinding, spraying, painting, etc. Considering the application , we have classified manipulators based on its load carrying capacity ie. Light duty, medium duty, heavy duty & extra heavy duty.
Extra heavy duty manipulator, having stroke length up to 8mtr x 8mtrs. Which covers majority of application & job sizes. Extra heavy  duty manipulators having load carrying capacity in the range of 1500kgs to 600kgs which is sufficient to mount any kind of application head like saw, tig, mig , plasma, grinding head etc.
Extra heavy duty type manipulator is extremely useful for  grinding application. The  manipulator is sufficient to resist various forces caused by grinding vessel (internally/ externally). 
Extra heavy duty manipulators having 4- degree of freedom.
1) Boom horizontal movement - d.c variable speed drive.
2) Column vertical movement:- a.c constant speed drive.
3) 360° base rotation for positioning boom head with respect to job.
4) trolley movement having a.c constant speed / d.c variable speed movement which is used to move the head (column & boom) for jobs having higher longitudinal applications
NOTE :- special purpose manipulators / gantry systems with more no degree of freedom are available / designed as per requirement of application. 
Salient Features:
  • Heavy duty construction, robust in design & sturdy.
  • Heavy duty rack & pinion arrangement for both vertical & horizontal movements. No cheap chain drive is used for any movements.
  • All drive arrangements are positive & self-locking.
  • Heavy duty carriage arrangement for higher eccentric loading capacity.
  • Heavy duty base construction to provide extremely rigidity & minimum deflection.
  • Options for fix / 360° base rotating, as per requirement.
  • Less down-time, easy to operate & user friendly. 
  • Single control pendent for controlling all operations for column & boom with welding heads controller. So that operator can view the operation
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* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.

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