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V-weld equipments, offers internal/flat seamer for fastest welding process on long seam welding applications. The length range of flat weld is up to 10250mm. The internal flat seamer is combine complete system with job clamping facility. 
Welding head supporting side beam & welding head with power source.

The circumfertial auto welding system is specially design to cater fast production demand of barrels or sheels. The job ( shell) has the variation  in diameter and length, which can be customized to weld on system.

The welding process can be TIG, MIG or PAW as per the material and thinckess of job. Single and Double welding head with other required accessories employed to get quality and fast production rate.

Customized welding system can be provided for circumfertial welding system. The configuration, size, process, accessories vary from customer to customer. Some of the details or compositions are as follows:-

  • Variation in diameter of job to be welded.
  • Variation in length of job to be welded.
  • Variable holding/ gripping force system.
  • variable load support system.
  • Single / Double weld head gantry system.
  • Longitudinal and Circumfertial welding system in single setup.
  • Variable sizes & models of slides to hold and position torches.
  • Water cooling system & other accessories on specific request.
Contact us for Circum-Longitudinal welding catalogue.
* Due to policy of continuous improvement v-weld equipments reserves the right to modify their specifications without prior notice.


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